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New: Termination of PreferredOne Open Access, Narrow and PPO Rental Network

Effective January 1, 2024, PreferredOne will terminate all available network provider contracts. This termination will encompass all current/active networks such as the PreferredOne Open Access network, all ACO Networks & Narrow Networks, and the PreferredOne PPO Rental Network in partnership with Aetna. PreferredOne will no longer have insured members beginning January 1, 2024. As such all dates of service beginning in 2024 & moving forward would need to be billed to your patient’s current insurance carrier. As always, we recommend requesting an updated insurance ID card from patients with each visit, as well as confirming eligibility, to ensure you are billing the correct carrier. For PreferredOne member claims for dates of service prior to January 1, 2024, there will be claims run-out throughout 2024. Please note, specific member plans will cease run-out operations dependent on when the member’s PreferredOne plan terminated and if their self-funded employer group chose a non-standard date range for run-out. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this information, please contact PreferredOne Customer Service at 763-847-4477 or 800-997-1750.

  • PreferredOne does not require demographic updates from your clinic that are effective after 12/31/23.
  • Recredentialing: If you received a letter from PreferredOne, please submit your recredentialing application as instructed.
  • Initial Credentialing: Submit if the practitioner is effective during 2023 and will provide services to a PreferredOne member. Do not submit applications for providers effective in 2024.
  • PreferredOne may process updates on an as needed basis per claims submitted. Follow up to confirm updates is not necessary unless a PreferredOne member has utilized services.

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If you have received a secure email from PreferredOne and are having difficulty opening the email please review the online help link within the email to troubleshoot the issue. That online help link can also be accessed HERE. Due to the sensitive information that can be included in email correspondences with providers PreferredOne requires that outgoing email complies with all PHI regulations and requirements. Thank you for helping to keep this important data safe.

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