Pharmacy Resources

Formulary information applies to PreferredOne members who have ClearScript/Argus as their pharmacy benefit manager only. PreferredOne members who have ClearScript can be identified by looking at their member id card. The ClearScript logo will be on the front of the card in the lower right corner.




This list is not inclusive and is subject to change. Brand name drugs may become nonformulary when a generic product becomes available. Coverage is subject to the terms of the enrollees pharmacy benefit.

** Please note, several forms have changed. Incomplete and/or incorrect forms will be returned. **

Minnesota Uniform Formulary Exception Form. This form is intended for use by health care providers to request exceptions from group purchasers (payers) formularies. Please refer to this form for additional instructions. The completed form can be faxed back to PreferredOne at 763-847-4014.