Looking for health care quickly without leaving home? Getting care online is a great option when you or a family member have a basic health care need like a cold, flu, pink eye, allergy and many other conditions. You can also save money. Online care costs less than an office clinic or urgent care visit.

Where to Get Care

Participating online providers vary by PreferredOne network. If you are a PreferredOne member login to My Account to view online clinic providers specific to your network and access coverage details. You can also find online providers by network using our provider search.

PreferredOne offers online care, anytime of day, through these PreferredOne providers


Online diagnosis and treatment service for common medical conditions.


Access to doctors, pediatricians by online video, phone call or email.

Additional Products and Services

Care and Coverage Tips

Help finding the right health care services.

Healthy Mom & Baby

Support to help expectant moms deliver healthy, full-term babies.

Vaccinations & Preventive Screenings

Are you up-to-date on your preventive screenings and vaccinations?


The largest accountable care network in the Twin Cities.

Quality Management Program

Identify and act on opportunities that improve the quality, safety and value of care.

Medical Policy, Prior Approval

When, how and why we cover certain conditions.