Know Where to Get Care

Not sure where to go for health care services? Here's a list of options from least to most expensive.

Choose Primary Care Doctor

Make sure to choose an in-network primary care provider as your go-to doctor for day-to-day care and recommendations for specialty care as needed.

In-Network Providers Save You Money

Be sure to choose providers that are in your network. In-network providers offer the highest level of coverage and the lowest cost to you. If your in-network provider refers you to another provider, double check to make sure that provider is also in network. Know the name of your PreferredOne provider network by asking your employer, calling PreferredOne Customer Service or enter your 11 digit Member ID on our Find a Doctor page.

Convenience and After Hours

Some clinics offer care after hours, during weekend and accept walk-ins. You can also use online care providers 24/7 for minor issues. Call your clinic for details.

Compare Cost

There is wide variation in cost between different clinics. Comparing clinic costs can save you money. Go to My Account and compare medical costs for clinics, hospitals and MRIs. To see the difference, you can reprice your claim with several providers to see which offers the best value.

Learn About Your Coverage

Your policy (referred to as Certificate of Coverage or Summary Plan Description) outlines your coverage, limitations, and exclusions. You can find your policy on your My Account or call PreferredOne Customer Service with your coverage questions.

Schedule your Preventive Care

Preventive care is covered at 100% including check-ups, cancer screenings and immunizations.

Vaccinations & Screenings
Preventive Services Coverage Guidelines

Additional Products and Services

Care and Coverage Tips

Help finding the right health care services.

Healthy Mom & Baby

Support to help expectant moms deliver healthy, full-term babies.

Vaccinations & Preventive Screenings

Are you up-to-date on your preventive screenings and vaccinations?

Quality Management Program

Identify and act on opportunities that improve the quality, safety and value of care.

Medical Policy, Prior Approval

When, how and why we cover certain conditions.