Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs)

SBCs were developed as part of the Affordable Care Act. All insurance companies must use the same standard SBC form to help consumers understand and evaluate health plan options. A standard glossary of terms is also available.

SBCs are only a brief summary of coverages and exclusions. It is recommended that you refer to your PreferredOne policy (Certificate of Coverage, Summary Plan Description, Contract) for full terms of your health coverage. PreferredOne members can access their policy by registering or login on My Account.

PreferredOne SBC's for Small Group Employers

PreferredOne SBC's for Large Group Employers

Uniform Glossary of Health Coverage and Terms

Additional Products and Services

Preventive Health Care Services

Preventive care is free to you and your family. Here is a schedule of doctor recommended services.

Care and Coverage Tips

Help finding the right health care services.

Medical Policy, Prior Approval

When, how and why we cover certain conditions.