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837 Transaction - Clearinghouse Payer IDs

PreferredOne utilizes a number of clearinghouses in order to receive claims from providers. These clearinghouses have assigned a Payer ID to PreferredOne. Please use this ID with submitting PreferredOne claims to your clearinghouse. Refer to the list below for more information.

Note: If the clearinghouse you use is not listed, you must contact your clearinghouse to determine if the claim can be submitted electronically and what payer ID to use.

835 Transaction

PreferredOne also utilizes clearinghouse connections to send 835 transaction (Electronic, Remittance Advice) for PAS, PCHP, and PIC claims only (PPO claims are not paid by PreferredOne, and therefore not included). If you would like to receive the 835 transaction, please contact your clearinghouse to begin the registration process. Please refer to the list below for the current clearinghouse connections.

Clearinghouse ConnectionPayer IDProfessionalInstitutionalDentalERA (835)Bind Claims
Availity41147XX X 
Change Healthcare41147XXXX 
Claimlynx00015XX X 
Electronic Dental Services, Inc.41147  X  
eProvider Solutions41147XX X 
GE Healthcare    X 
Health Billing Systems    X 
HealthEC LLC41147XXXX 
Office Ally411479744XX X 
PNC    X 
RelayHealth - Institutional8578 X X 
RelayHealth - Professional3410X  X 
Rycan Technologies41147XX X 
Smart Data Solutions (SDS)25463    X
TriZetto Provider Solutions41147XX X 
ZirMed41147XX X 

Electronic Funds Transfer

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is available for providers, but in order to receive EFT, you must be receiving the electronic remit (835 or .PDF) from PreferredOne. EFT for providers without a direct contract with PreferredOne is subject to certain restrictions. To enroll for EFT payments, please complete the EFT enrollment form; then fax the completed form to 763-847-4010.

For more information about PreferredOne's EDI resources, contact the PreferredOne Electronic Commerce department at:

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PreferredOne Compliance with Minnesota E3 Electronic Claim Requirements

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