If you are having problems with our site, please read through the below information which may help fix any errors or issues you may be having.

Web Browsers

PreferredOne recommends the use of the latest version of one of the following web browsers for our site:

Adobe Acrobat Reader

PreferredOne recommends the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view our PDF documents. Go to to get the latest version, or check for updates from the Acrobat Reader Help menu.

Pop-Up Blockers/Screensavers/3rd Party Toolbars

PreferredOne uses pop-ups to display information on our site. Some 3rd party tools contain pop-up blocker technology that restricts the viewing of PreferredOne web pages. Use your settings options for your pop-up blocker software to allow all pop-ups from

Microsoft Internet Explorer Temporary Internet Files/Restore Default Settings

PreferredOne recommends that if you use Internet Explorer, you frequently delete your temporary internet files (every few weeks or so).

How to delete your temporary internet files from Internet Explorer:

  • Tools >> Internet Options (General tab) >> Browsing History >> Delete

If still having problems, restore your default Internet Explorer settings:

  • Tools >> Internet Options (Advanced tab) >> Restore Advanced Settings


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