PreferredOne Compliance with Electronic Remittance Advice Requirements

In order to comply with the MN E3 Electronic Remittance Advice Requirements, Providers can receive the HIPAA 835 transaction from PreferredOne; or, providers who do not receive the HIPAA 835 transaction from PreferredOne can use a new web-based option.

(Note: these options only include claims paid by PreferredOne Administrative Services (PAS), PreferredOne Community Health Plan (PCHP) or PreferredOne Insurance Company (PIC) – PPO claims are not included).

Option #1. Receive the Electronic Remittance Advice/835 Transaction

To utilize this option, you must use a clearinghouse connection. Please refer to the information on the PreferredOne website:

Go to

Follow the instructions to enroll for the 835 transaction through a clearinghouse.

Option #2. View Remittance Advice Online from the PreferredOne Website – This option will enable providers to view remittance advices in a .PDF format. Up to 10 weeks of remittance advices will be available.

To utilize this option you must have secure access to the PreferredOne website. If you already have secure access to the PreferredOne website; follow these steps:

            1. Sign into your account
            2. Look under "Administration"
            3. Click on "Electronic Remittance Advice Sign-up"
            4. Click the "View Remittance Advice(s) Online (PDF Format)" button.
            5. Click the "Save Settings" button.

To view remittance advices online, return to the secure access main page, then select "Electronic Remittance Advice" under PAS/PCHP/PIC. Follow the instructions to view your Remittance Advice(s).

If you do not have secure access to the PreferredOne website, you need to register for access. To register for secure access, go to, click on "For Providers" and follow the steps for registration.

Once you have established your secure access, follow steps 1-5 above.