Are you taking specialty medications?

PreferredOne has teamed up with Fairview Specialty Pharmacy and Thrifty White to provide you specialty Medications. Understanding your benefits and using network pharmacies will help you save money and get the best care and service.

What are Specialty Medications?

Specialty medications include many drug products that you inject yourself, plus certain oral drugs that can be challenging to manage. Specialty medications can be prescribed to treat many conditions including but not limited to: Crohn's Disease, Osteoporosis, HIV, Psoriasis, Multiple Sclerosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

How are my Specialty Medications covered?

Check your PreferredOne policy (Certificate of Coverage or Summary Plan Description) for benefit information. You can also contact PreferredOne Customer Service for coverage details.

Where do I get my Specialty Medications filled?

It is important to get your specialty medications filled with PreferredOne's network pharmacies to receive the best coverage. PreferredOne Specialty Pharmacy network providers include Fairview Specialty Pharmacy and Thrifty White.