Fairview Specialty Pharmacy is your PreferreOne Specialty pharmacy network provider. They offer services tailored to the unique needs of people taking specialty medications.

Our medication therapy program includes:

  • Easy access to a nurse or pharmacist knowledgable about your specialty medication.
  • Assistance in learning how to take or inject your medication correctly.
  • Expert advice from a nurse or pharmacist to help you prevent and manage medication side effects and injection site reactions.
  • Refill reminder phone calls to set up medication refills to ensure you always have enough medication on hand.
  • A nurse or pharmacist who knows you by name, listens to your concerns about your therapy and helps you take an active role in your healthcare.
  • An advocate who is able to help you resolve issues that get in the way of taking your medication the way your health care provider prescribed, whether is be financial, practical or clinical.
  • A pharmacy that works with your health care provider to ensure you are receiving the most benefit from your therapy.

Call 1.800.595.7140 to:

  • Begin service with Fairview Specialty Pharmacy
  • Transfer a prescription from another pharmacy
  • Talk to a pharmacist
  • Learn more about our program