General Contracting Criteria

The Contracting Committee may make exceptions to the following criteria based on business decisions as deemed necessary for the management of the PreferredOne network.

1. Clinic or Facility serves a specialty and/or geographic need for the good of the PreferredOne product for which they are applying.

2. Clinic or Facility accepts PreferredOne fee schedules.

3. Clinic or Facility accepts all members of the the specific PreferredOne networks for which they are contracted.

4. Clinic or Facility agrees to maintain referrals and admissions at all times within the PreferredOne provider network except as authorized by the Medical Director or designee.

5. Clinic or Facility agrees to participate in and cooperate fully with all procedural terms and requirements of the PreferredOne Network Management Services Program that monitors provider performance in termsof chart review (both inpatient and outpatient) for the purpose of indentifying quality issues.

6. Clinic or Facility must have arranged for 24-hour coverage, 7 days per week.

7. Clinic or Facility Contract is based on Tax ID. All providers practicing under Tax ID must participate.