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PreferredOne is thrilled to partner with Bind in giving employers and their employees new choices and savings opportunities.Right Quote

David Crosby
CEO of PreferredOne
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Turn on the coverage when you need it.

Do your employees ask, Why should I pay for something I do not use, or What will my care actually cost? Introducing Bind, on-demand health insurance* that saves employees and employers money while offering quality copay coverage, an open access network and upfront clarity of care options and cost.

How it Works

Core Coverage. what insurance should be.

Core coverage includes preventive, routine and urgent care as well as treatment for emergencies, trauma and all diseases. Simple, clear copayments and reduced monthly rates.

Add-Ins. When coverage needs to be personalized.

Bind offers a menu of services that can be added to Core coverage, anytime. Called Add-Ins, they are available for services with the greatest range in treatment options and cost – services such as knee replacements or back surgery.

And they say it could not be done.

  • An innovative self-funded health product for employers with over 100 employees that eliminates confusing member coinsurance and deductibles. Before employees receive care, their treatment options, providers and costs are crystal clear.
  • By optimizing plan spending and driving high value care, Bind delivers significant cost savings for employers and employees.
  • Bind provides members a complete online experience from pre-enrollment to, a member portal.

For even greater employee choice

Consider a Bind and PreferredOne dual offering at open enrollment.

Option One. Bind

  • On-Demand health insurance
  • Copay plan
  • Networks: Core, Open Access; Add-Ins, On-demand

Option Two. PreferredOne

  • Traditional self insurance
  • HSA plan
  • Networks: Open Access, ACO, Tiered

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*Because all our programs are employer-sponsored, self-insured health plans, we are not an insurance company.