Specialty Medications through Thrifty White Pharmacy

Thrifty White Specialty Services is committed to partnering with you, your physicians and PreferredOne to provide your specialty medications. Thrifty White offers services and support so you can maximize your results, including:

Trusted Pharmacists

Starting a new medication can be scary. Our local teams provide trusted pharmacists and face-to-face consultations on your new therapy. We will make sure your are comfortable with the new medication and provide key tips to help you receive the best outcomes possible.

Personal Specialty Care Team

Life can be busy. Our team monitors each specialty patient and reaches out monthly to discuss side effects, identify missed doses, and set up your next refill. This program delivers industry leading 90%+ adherence and gives you the best outcomes. We also offer 24/7 pharmacist access for all emergency needs.

Dedicated Insurance Support

We have a team of specialists who work directly with your provider and PreferredOne to get you started on therapy quick and hassle-free.

Flexible Delivery Options

Specialty medications are available for pickup at all of our retail pharmacy locations, as well as through our home delivery program, giving you a choice and ensuring you never miss a dose.

Find a Thrifty White Pharmacy near you or get started on your specialty medication call 1.888.611.3399.