Healthy Mom & Baby Program

Healthy Mom & Baby Program

The PreferredOne Healthy Mom & Baby Program offers expectant parents a free maternity management program with support and information to help promote a healthy pregnancy.

A PreferredOne nurse will contact you to discuss your pregnancy, focusing on those areas that are potentially high risk. They will also offer you a gift of two great resources: ”Great Expectations – A Guide to Enjoying Your Pregnancy” and “A New Beginning – Your Personal Guide to Postpartum Care.” The nurse will offer ongoing phone support during your pregnancy, both prenatal and postpartum, and will send you information by mail or email. Any information you provide during your phone consultations will be considered private and confidential.

PreferredOne will initiate contact with expectant members identified for the Healthy Mom and Baby Program, or if you would like to get started in the program or learn more about it, please contact PreferredOne at 800.940.5049, enter #1 and ext. 3456.

Upon completion of the Healthy Mom & Baby Program you will receive a $25 gift card—choose from a number of different merchants.*

*Gift cards are possible taxable item. Contact your tax professional for clarification.

Access the Online Health Guide library to find reliable medical information related to your pregnancy.

Note: Please check with your employer or PreferredOne Customer Service to see if you are eligible for the Healthy Mom and Baby Program.

Need Assistance?

The PreferredOne Customer Service Call Center is available between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday.

Twin Cities Area:
Outside the Metro Area:
For Hearing Impaired:
763.847.4013 (TTY)

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