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An extra step in care delivery

PreferredHealth goes beyond traditional health plans. By reaching out to members we assist them based on their exact health care needs. Having a smooth transition to PreferredHealth gets members quickly familiar with the right medical services within the provider network.

PreferredHealth staff assist members based on their exact health care needs


Help find PreferredHealth doctors based on your location and need.


Verify and offer to transfer prescriptions and specialty medications.

Doctor Patient

Explain coverage and why you should use providers inside the PreferredHealth network.

  • Med Bag

    Help you schedule a wellness check up (also known as a preventive office visit).

  • Heart

    Identify health concerns.

  • Stetho

    Conduct a short health assessment to identify if you need follow up care.

  • Medical Chart

    Offer to transfer medical records and set up MyChart, an online communication and scheduling portal.

  • Laptop

    Introduce OnCare (formerly Fairview Zipnosis) online clinic.

Our welcome calls get new members started off right

Hello, this is Karen from PreferredHealth. I'm calling to thank you for choosing us as your health plan. We'd like to help you understand your new plan's features...find a doctor or clinic...and answer any questions you have.

  • Do you have a primary care provider you currently use?

Next we have a few questions regarding your current health that will assist us in providing services that will fit your needs.

  • Do you have any health concerns that you need assistance finding a provider or scheduling an appointment?
  • Are there any specialty services in particular that you are interested in or currently using?
  • Are any of the medications your are taking injectables or delivered to you in specialized packaging?

Thank you for your time. We look forward to assisting you with your healthcare needs in the future.

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