Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) administered by PreferredOne, are a new way to manage patient care quality and cost. ACOs provide better care coordination for those who most need health care and reduce costs by avoiding unnecessary care and improving outcomes.

ACOs reduce health care costs

Essentially, accountable care organizations (ACOs) put a select group of clinics and hospitals at risk for managing health care quality, cost and efficiency. The intent is to coordinate overall care for a member, including preventive and primary care as well as advanced services such as specialty care. Provider reimbursement is tied to ACO performance metrics related to patient outcomes and cost measures.

A PreferredHealth Patient Success Story

Find out how Carrie has the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage her health.

An Extra Step in Care

PreferredHealth goes beyond traditional health plans by actively looking for and closing any gaps in your care.

Exceptional Care at Leading Providers

Fairview, HealthEast and North Memorial represent three of the most honored and innovative healthcare systems in Minnesota. Their on-going partnership has resulted in PreferredHealth with more than 5,000 providers, 1,400 primary and specialty clinics, and 13 hospitals.

Want Care in Minutes? Try Online Care

Getting care online is a great option when you or a family member have a basic health issue, like a cold, flu, infection or allergy and many others. Simply go online and use the diagnostic tool to answer questions about your symptoms. A provider will review your results and respond with your diagnosis, treatment options - and prescription, if you need one - in less than an hour. You can also save. Online care costs less than an urgent care or office visit.

(formerly Fairview Zipnosis)

Member Information at

Just about everything you need to know is right at your fingertips when you register or login to My Account at It's quick and secure and is an easy way to get your claims, coverage details, provider information and more.

PreferredHealth Customer Service

  • Benefit Questions

  • Answers to coverage, benefits and claims information.

  • Call: 763.847.4477 or 1.800.997.1750

  • Monday - Friday: 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.


  • Medical Services Questions

  • Assistance explaining medical services, scheduling an appointment, connecting with a doctor, transitioning medical records, or speak with a Nurse 24/7.

  • Call: 612.672.2932 or 1.855.480.7770, 24/7 service.

PreferredOne has teamed up with Fairview, HealthEast and North Memorial to offer employers an exciting new employee health plan called PreferredHealth. PreferredHealth is the largest accountable care orginization (ACO) network in Minnesota. That means greater access to top doctors, clinics and hospitals in the Twin Cities.

PreferredHealth Members

ACOs are Growing in Popularity

From the largest employer in Minnesota to companies with 100 employees, PreferredHealth has seen significant membership growth.

With PreferredHealth the total cost of care index is 11% less* than our large open access network. See the positive difference in these key metrics.

Health Risk

Inpatient Days per 1000 Members

Average Length of Stay

ER Visits per 1000 Members

Rx per 1000 Members


1.08 256 4.30 161 7,464

Open Access

1.00 297 4.53 175 8,093
*2014 data

Top 5 Conditions

PreferredHealth Quality Index

Cardiology 1.04
Endocrinology 1.03
Gastroenterology 1.08
Orthopedics 1.01
Mental Health / Substance Abuse 1.01

Higher Quality

When you look at the top 5 conditions that drive costs and saving you will find that PreferredHealth providers (Fairview, North Memorial, HealthEast) achieve high quality index factors compared to non-PreferredHealth providers. A quality index over 1 means higher quality.

The Largest ACO Network

No other ACO gives employees access to more primary care, specialty care and hospitals than PreferredHealth. And employees do not have to pick a clinic and can go to any in-network provider without a referral. Search for PreferredHealth providers, clinics, convenience care, online care, urgent care and hospitals.

Closing gaps in care delivery

PreferredHealth goes beyond traditional health plans. By reaching out to PreferredHealth members we provide a smooth transition into the health plan and connect members to the appropriate care within the network.

A PreferredHealth Patient Success Story

Find out how Carrie now has the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage her health.

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